The Fedora 20 Release Party in Tunisia was successfully held at ESPRIT, Higher Private School of Engineering and Technology Tunisia on January 29. It was organised by Fedora Ambassador Sidki KBOUBI and Esprit Libre free software club.

The event was held in a classroom with 15 people attending.

The program was divided this way:

**Presentation of Fedora
**Fedora 20 Features
**Fedora Desktops
**Open discussion

The release party began at 1:30 pm. It was planned that one speech will be presented by Akira Treize one of the professional Fedora users but unfortunately he had work engagements.

The Presentation was dedicated to the soul of Seth Vidal, we spoke a little bit about his contributions and this opened a discussion about other ways of contributing later.

The First part was to present Fedora in general, why it is different, and the core values of Fedora.

Then we spoke about few interesting features in fedora 20 & we discussed about Hadoop and arm architecture.

After that we presented Desktops and spins in fedora, and focused on the gnome shell 3.10

Finally we did an open discussion about how to contribute with fedora, some students asked about installing developing environments such as Qt and and android development and we finished by offering swags.

Personally i was glad to see how people interacted with the slides, it was a good experience for my first Release Party, and i hope to see more interested people in the next events.